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Anandham is a voluntary service organization run solely by youngsters for the past 12 years with the major objective of making the next generation stronger, brighter and better.

Anandham Thannambikkai Thiruvizha

  • Anandham Scholarship Scheme

    Anandham scholarship scheme offers 100% scholarship to needy students who have Scored high marks in their 12th standard examination, but are unable to pursue higher education due to their poor economic status.

    There are thousands of students who secure high marks in their 12 exams, but because of their poor family circumstances they are unable to continue their studies. To make their dreams come true and to assure them a bright future, “Anandham Foundation” selects some students every year based on their marks and economic background and gives them 100% Scholarship.

    Under this scheme, the students are free to choose Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Civil services or any other field as their preference.

  • Process of selection of Students for scholarship

    Government schools in the Districts of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam have been chosen last year for this scholarship Scheme. There are a lot of farmers in these districts who are unable to give good Education to their children owing to their poor economic status. Selected students are now studying Medical, Engineering and other graduation courses of their Choice. This year along with the existing list of Districts, We have added cuddalore also.

    p>Letters have already been sent to the heads of all Govt.Schools in these districts, Requesting them to recommend 2 Eligible students each, who according to them arePromising students bur unable to pursue higher education because of economic factors.

    Applications thus received will be scrutinised and students will be short listed.

    Members of the Anandham Selection committee will go in person to the houses of these students and ascertain their background. Based on these visits, the final list will be decided.

  • Student’s selection criteria

    Must be from the economically weaker section

    Having no parents or having a single parent only

    Whose Parent/guardian should be a daily-wage earner and the only earning member of the family

    Who is the first to pursue graduate education in the family

    Who have obtained 900 marks or above in the 12th standard examination.

  • Salient features of the scheme:

    Anandham will bear the total educational expenses of the selected students for the entire duration of the course.

    The performance of the students thus selected will be continuously assessed and monitored.

    Anandham will appoint one volunteer for each of the selected students for offering guidance. These volunteers will help the students to achieve their goals as well as to help them get the benefits of the scholarship scheme.

    When they are nearing completion of the course, help will be rendered regarding Placements also.

    Personality development and other training programs will be conducted among these students at regular intervals, to face life and its challenges with confidence, and to live a life filled with everlasting inner happiness.

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"Live a life filled with everlasting inner happiness"- making this possible for every single youth is the mission towards which Anandham successfully marches today...